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Counsel In House - Our Philosophy

"The whole is greater than the sum of all its parts"

We first look at our clients as people who we’re trying to help, not just billable hours. Counsel In House has a more holistic approach to law which means we take into account the interrelatedness of legal issues and the impact that these decisions have in other areas of the business. We don’t just practice law in a vacuum, looking only at one single issue and treating the symptom. From our experience we’re able to consider all approaches and possible solutions to any legal situation to help our client decide what is best for them. This is why we end up helping our clients with much more than the single issue that brought them to us originally.

We’re also not the typical firm that is going to take a client’s money and leave them worse off than when they came to us. Our goal is to help you efficiently, fairly, and leave you better than when you found us. Whether that is through a free consultation or through hours of legal work, we are going to make sure you have the guidance you need. This is how we've earned our client’s trust and established many wonderful business relationships! It’s not just our expertise, it’s our revitalizing approach to law.

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