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Affordable counsel at an affordable price

After years of running e-commerce businesses and a consulting business we hated paying lawyers $350/hr for legal advice.  It led us to review smaller contracts on our own, deal with negotiations ourselves, and file government paperwork without being reviewed by an attorney.  Through our own experience and working with our law firm we saw an opportunity to offer services at a much lower rate than a traditional firm would charge. 

By providing legal hours in bulk we're able to charge a more desirable hourly rate than a traditional law firm.  We're also able to do ad hoc work as needed.  Another benefit is we bill in 6 minute increments instead of 15 minute increments, and you're able to track every minute we've worked for you through our customer portal.  Our typical response time is 24 hours which is faster than a traditional firm.  We offer a wide range of legal services to cover your business needs and also have access to a network of lawyers with varying expertise.  Counsel In House is easy to work with and would be a great legal resource for your business. 

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